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Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure where they live. Neighbourhood Watch (NW) members promote that right by helping build strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. 

NW schemes' activities are characterised by their diversity, taking in everything from home security improvements to youth workshops to neighbourhood clean-up projects. Communities help lead the way. NW in short, aims for neighbours to help each other.

Neighbourhood Watch for Ipswich is represented by the Ipswich Area Network Forum, (IANF) and is made up of elected representatives from the wards and parishes that are within the Safer Neighbourhood Team areas of Ipswich.

The IANF is a voluntary body, whom meet at Landmark House once every three months, and acts as a partner for the community, to provide education and awareness on policing and crime related matters, as well as a channel to take forward, where appropriate, any issues that an individual or a neighbourhood may have. 


The IANF works very closely with the Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association (SNWA)  with the aim of helping and encouraging neighbourhoods to start-up and maintain NW schemes. 

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