Catalytic Converter Thefts

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Thefts of catalytic converters from motor vehicles have more than doubled over the past three years.

Thieves are ripping out the devices because they contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

If your vehicle has a catalytic converter, then there are simple steps you can take to keep your vehicle secure:

  • Ideally, private vehicles should be kept in a well-secured garage where possible
  • Vehicles can be parked in such a way as to make access to the catalytic converter difficult, or parallel with another vehicle if you own one. The converter itself can be secured with a clamp and anti-tamper alarms are available.
  • Commercial vehicles should also be kept in a locked building or compound, supported by alarms, lighting and CCTV.
  • Catalytic converters can be marked with etching or UV pens, and with SmartWater, which is an invisible liquid with a unique formula that forensically proves where the marked item comes from. Regular marking sessions are held across the county please contact your local Crime Reduction Officer or Safer Neighbourhood Team for details of these and current security methods.
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