Ipswich East

The Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team covers two Neighbourhood Watch network groups, and the parishes of  Kesgrave and Rushmere St. Andrew.

The two network groups are located in the North East and South East areas of Ipswich.

The North East group comprises the Ipswich Borough wards of Bixley, Rushmere and St. John’s, and consists of approximately 50 Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. It is almost all residential and includes several schools and the Ipswich Hospital. It is a low crime area, but the number of incidents that occur at the hospital can tend to distort the crime figures for the area in general.

The purpose of Neighbourhood Watch in this area is to reduce crime, by exchanging information with the NE Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Suffolk Constabulary and to liaise with all other levels of Neighbourhood Watch.

All the co-ordinators, and representatives from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, of the NE meet, once every three months at the St. Clements Social Club, ‘now renamed The Foxhall Community Centre’ to discuss current issues in the area and to distribute and collate information to pass on to the Ipswich Area Network Forum. This consists of representatives of all areas of Ipswich and the Suffolk Constabulary District Commander and meets in Ipswich once every three months.

The NE Network Group co-ordinator is Gary Gascoyne.

If you have any enquiry concerning the North East Network Group NW, please use the email contact form here

The Neighbourhood Watch (NW) network group for the South East of Ipswich covers the borough wards of Holywells, Gainsborough, and Priory Heath.

The network co-ordinator of the South East Ipswich Network Group (NW) is Terry Pellowe

Comprising just over 35 neighbourhood watch schemes, this group meet every quarter, usually at the Golden Hind public house. More detailed information is available from the Ipswich South East Network Group Neighbourhood Watch website.

The Ipswich South East Network Group acts as a forum for the community, to provide education and awareness on policing and crime related matters, as well as a channel to take forward any issues that an individual or a neighbourhood watch scheme may have. 

If you have any enquiry concerning the South East Network Group NW, please use the email contact form here

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